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Amy R. Johnson


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Emerging from a 20-year career in Human Resources, Amy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management from Concordia State University, St. Paul. She is an entrepreneur and workforce strategist with determination and passion.

Amy built CCS on a virtual platform during the height of the pandemic in 2020.  In a time of sinking disparity, Amy saw an opportunity to start CCS, bring professionals together, and bring workforce solutions to the table. She built a very powerful network throughout the state of Minnesota one virtual conversation at a time, often being connected to 2 to 4 more people after each conversation. 

Amy has a passion for helping youth define their career path. She has found a way to do this work and help so many along the journey. She has a niche for bridging education and business for the sake of building the future workforce.

Amy grew up in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and found her way to rural Minnesota in adulthood in search of a quality of life.  Understanding the differences between metro and rural, she continues to advocate for the quality of rural life.

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