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Amy R. Johnson


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Emerging from a 20-year career in Human Resources, Amy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management from Concordia State University, St. Paul. She is an entrepreneur and workforce strategist bridging community partnerships to help rural Minnesota companies find their competitive mark with employee recruitment and retention.

Amy built CCS during the pandemic on virtual platforms, one Zoom conversation at a time, often being connected to 2 to 4 more people after each conversation, building a very powerful network throughout the state of Minnesota.

Amy has a passion for youth career exploration and has found a way to do this work and help so many people along the journey.

Amy is also a 15-year Military Spouse with a passion to help her fellow Military community.  She understands the challenges that exist transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce.  Hear her family's personal journey transitioning to civilian life featured below!

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Amy Johnson Featured on
MPR News - MN Now

OCTOBER 4, 2022 12:30 PM

Minnesota is facing an extremely tight workforce and businesses are looking towards a number of creative solutions to find and hire more employees. Amy Johnson believes an under-tapped market is Minnesota’s military community. Veterans face a number of challenges transitioning into the civilian workforce, even when companies are eager to hire them.

Amy is a 15 year military spouse and the founder and president of a workforce solutions business for greater Minnesota called Cardinal Consulting Solutions. She speaks with host Cathy Wurzer about her work training employers how to understand how to effectively manage military vets who are looking for civilian work.

Listen to Amy's family's personal experience transitioning from active duty Army to civilian life.  

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