Our Team


CCS is proud to have some of the Best on our team.
The lived experience, professionalism, capability, and passion of our staff
is the foundation for our success in serving our clients.


Amy Johnson


Emerging from a career in Human Resources, Amy Johnson is a workforce consultant bridging community partnerships to overcome workforce challenges throughout West Central Minnesota. Sometimes the challenge is not only to gain a clear understanding of what resources are available, but also match where those resources fit into the business need. CCS's job is to help employers navigate workforce solutions and bridge connections.

Amy is a Military Spouse of 15+ years and understands the challenges that exist with transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce.  We are here to help our servicemembers and family members navigate workforce resources, and individualize those experiences to make it easier for those involved.

Melissa Johnson


Melissa Johnson, an active-duty military spouse, brings 10+ years of veteran service experience to her role at CCS. Melissa has a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of servicemembers and their families.

Melissa understands the challenges that go along with military life. She understands that transitioning from service can be especially difficult and is excited to help our veterans navigate it.

Melissa’s contributions to the military community over the years have been acknowledged by her being awarded the Department of the Army Public Service Commendation Medal, Department of the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service, the Military Intelligence Corps Association Golden Rose Award, the President’s Volunteer Service Award, 2017 USAG Ansbach Spouse of the Year, 2020-2021 AFI Fort Drum Spouse of the Year, 2020-2021 Top 3 Army Spouse of the Year, the Commanding General’s Climb to Glory Service Award, and Special Congressional Recognition.

With support of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, and veterans service organizations, Melissa collaborates with any organization that has the servicemembers’ best interests in mind.


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About CCS

CCS is not a traditional staffing or recruitment agency.  Though we help individuals navigate the workforce through our work, our clients are employers.  We are a consulting firm focused on workforce working directly with business and industry, schools, colleges, and local and state organizations to build and strengthen sustainable employee recruitment and retention strategies. 
CCS provides sustainable workforce solutions designed to give employers more control over their workforce through optimized recruitment and retention strategies.  This may include how and where to find quality talent, identifying untapped talent pools, leveraging community partnerships, incorporating a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, evaluating your online recruitment presence, and more. To find out what steps your business may be missing to attract and retain talent, CCS offers a 90-minute on-site or virtual workforce strategy session.


Mission Statement

Cardinal Consulting Solutions (CCS) will work tirelessly to identify collaborative workforce solutions for the success of our clients.  Workforce partnerships are imperative to the sustainable success of any workforce strategy. 

CCS helps our clients identify sustainable workforce solutions and partnerships that meet the business objective.



We use strong moral principles, including confidentiality. 


We value honesty and transparency in our communications and actions.


Our clients can expect commitment and dedication.


We hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we make, and for the quality and sustainability of our work.